Dr. Murat Paker, Ph.D, M.D.
Areas of Interest/Work
Teaching Experience

Areas of Interest / Work

Types of clinical services I provide:
o Individual Psychotherapy
o Couples Therapy
o Group Therapy
o Short- & Long-term Psychotherapy
o Psychological Consultation
o Clinical Supervision
o Research/Project Consultation

My theoretical orientation:
o Relational Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
o Integrative Psychotherapy
o Somatic Psychotherapy

Kinds of problems about which I have experience/expertise most:
o Depression, anxiety, panic, stress, phobias, dissociation
o Trauma, violence, abuse (Psychotraumatology )
o Personality-related difficulties
o Relational Difficulties
o Difficulties around identity, meaning, and self-esteem
o Personal development, maturation

Which age groups I work with?
o Adolescents (15+)
o Adults
o Elderly

In which languages I conduct psychotherapy & supervision?
o English
o Turkish


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